2019 Annual Incentive Plan

The 2019 Annual Incentive Plan (AIP) rewards both individual and company-wide performance.  You will be rewarded when the company achieves its financial objectives and when you achieve your individual objectives. Our goal is for all employees to share in the success of the company.  


  • All full-time employees in the US and International locations are eligible to participate in the plan.   
  • An employee must be on the payroll by October 1 of the performance year to be eligible to participate in the plan. 
  • An employee must be on the payroll at the time of payment of the incentive award to receive it. The payment date is generally no later than March 15th of the year following the performance year.   
  • An employee who is on the payroll as of December 31 of the performance year, but is involuntarily terminated prior to the payout date for other than cause, will receive the annual incentive payment on the same day the incentive is paid to other employees. 
  • If an employee receives an unsatisfactory performance rating, he/she is not eligible for payout of any portion of the incentive award, including those components calculated on the achievement of company financial results. 

Annual Incentive Plan Forms: