Intranet Launch

The Information Technology Group would like to thank all the dedicated team members that made the release of the Iconix Intranet possible.

Back in November, several employees who had a desire to see the Iconix Intranet vision realized, began meeting.

Over the course two months, processes were developed, publishers assigned, and training classes were scheduled. The Iconix Intranet is now a reality.

We would like to recognize the Intranet Team Members, Publishers and other key personnel:


Intranet Committee Members Intranet Publishers
Aleesha Worthington Courtney Doro
Courtney Doro Malikah Kelly
Irene Scanlon Patricia Chao
Marcia McLaughlin Katie Cox
Maureen Lucinese Marisa Nallan
Desa Bowman Desa Bowman
Greg Gierek Irene Scanlon
Katie Cox Marcia McLaughlin
Carlton Greene Jonathan Ginsberg
Wayne Jones Hannah Guy
Srinivas Arella

And a special thanks to JaimeĀ Horton for producing all the banner content so quickly!