New IT Service – Password Management

Introducing…Iconix Password Management


Introducing an updated site for you to manage your password changes, password resets and unlock passwords on your own!



To begin, please enroll yourself in Iconix Password Management at:


During enrollment, you will be required select two of these three methods for verification

  • Pick three questions and answers that only you will know
  • A cell phone number
  • A personal email address


Changing Your Password

After enrolling, you can update your password from any web-enabled device using:

Answer three questions and verify the security code from either your email or the text message sent to your phone.

Remember to have access to your phone or personal email for verification before you begin!


After Password Change

  • Update your mobile devices with your new password within 15 minutes for uninterrupted access to email.  A delay can cause your account to lock out.
  • It is highly recommended that you restart your computer within a day of changing the password to prevent applications from using the old password and failing.
  • MAC Users — You will be prompted to UPDATE or CREATE A NEW keychain upon restarting after password changes.


Please refer to this step-by-step guide for detailed instructions: Password Management Guide

If you need further help, please contact Iconix Helpdesk at (212) 597-4798 or