How-To Access Voya 401(K)

To access your Voya 401(K) retirement account, follow this quick and easy three step tutorial listed below!

Step 1:

Login to the ADP TotalSource Website:

**Please note all employee’s username are the first initial of your first name and  full last name, followed by the “@” symbol,  and “PEANUTS.


Employee Name: Nancy Smith


Step 2:

Once you login to your account, you will see the Voya Financial account page at the bottom left side.

Step 3:

The image below is what you will see on the main page. Each employee is eligible to start saving in the ADP TotalSource Retirement Savings Plan.

There are many areas to explore and choose from including but not limited to changing your account contributions, reallocating balances, managing your investments and much more!


Need Further Assistance ?

Have questions about the ADP TotalSource Retirement Savings Plan?

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