Iconix Brand Group Expense Report Assembling Tips

Sample Expense Report with Exhibits

  • Tape (not staple) receipts to an 8 ½ x 11 paper (one-sided, preferably)

  • Enter date(s) in the area provided for each or group of expense items (that total to one amount) (See attached sample expense report & receipts)

  • Combining several receipts into one total amount (to be listed on your report)?  Please reference the receipts being added together by either:

    • Denoting the total dollar amount on the individual receipts: (See attached sample expense report & receipts)
    • Denoting the expense total with a hand-written letter or number on the expense template, and using that same letter or number to either denote the individual receipts or a group of receipts (organized on the same page).  Please make sure that receipts or group of receipts are clearly denoted when receipts are being combined into one total amount.  (See attached sample expense report & receipts).
  • Not enough room for additional receipts?  You can list additional expenses either by:

    • Utilizing the blank rows under any of the four categories on Page 1 of the Expense Report template
    • Starting a new report