Iconix Brand Group, Inc. Expense Report Preparation Tips


In order to avoid exorbitant car rental bills while traveling for business,  please do the following:

  • Decline Fuel Surcharge –  Please fill up the  vehicle prior to returning it to the car rental company.  Fuel surcharges generally cost almost double/mile the average fuel cost/mile
  •  Insurance Coverage 
    • If you are traveling in the US, Puerto Rico, or Canada, decline all insurance coverage as employees and damage to rental cars are covered under the corporate insurance plan
    • If you’re traveling outside of the US, Puerto Rico, or Canada, you must accept Collision Damage & Liability Insurance Coverage


  • Beginning on Jan. 1, 2017, the standard mileage rate for the use of a personal car (also vans, pickups or  panel trucks) is:: 53.5 cents per mile for business miles driven
  • Please use the “Mileage Log” on Page 2 of the Expense Report template to log information pertinent to mileage reimbursement


When submitting hotel expenses for reimbursements on the Employee Expense Report, please submit the following:

  • Hotel itemized bill
  • Proof of payment (credit card statement showing payment of hotel; screenshots or portion of credit statement showing payment are acceptable)
  • Please remember to take into consideration pre-paid amounts when computing your total for reimbursement (i.e. hotel reservations paid for by the corporate credit card)


  • Please remember to deduct all meals from the hotel bill (including minibar and water) and include in the portion labeled “MEALS” on the Employee Expense Report
  • List all business/entertainment meals (from the hotel bills) under “Meals, Business Meals” or “Entertainment, Business”; all others should be listed as either “Meals, Breakfast (self)”; “Meals, Lunch (self)”; “Meals, Dinner (self)”

MEALS (non-hotel)

  • Please use page 2 to give a description of all meals listed under “Meals, Business Meals” or “Entertainment, Business” under the portion labeled “Meals and Entertainment Detail”
  • Itemized Receipts for All Meals including those on the hotel bill.  Please submit both the itemized receipts and the payment receipt for all meals


In this part of the Employee Expense Template, you can list expenses (besides the ones listed above).  Of course, if you need to list additional expenses from the list above, you can use the “blank spaces” in this part of the template as well.   A few things to note:

  • Telephone – All submission for reimbursements should be accompanied by the relevant wireless bill(s)
  • Other Expenses  other than Magazines/Newspapers, Phone, Fax , Internet, Postage & Shipping require an explanation on Page 2 of the Expense Report under the portion labeled “Other Expenses”


If for any reason, you don’t have a receipt for an expense on your expense report, please provide an explanation on Page 2 of the report.



  • Please denote the brand (s) for which you traveled on your expense reports in the area labeled “Business Purpose”
  • Also, denote the brands (s) for specific expenses where applicable, such as shoot related expenses, sample shopping, business/entertainment meals, etc.

Should you need further clarification, please contact either Marcia or Martha in Accounts Payable.