Iconix Brand Group, Inc. Expense Report Template (Domestic Employees)

Expense Report Template-Employee

How-To Fill out Expense Report Template:

PAGE 1 of the Expense Report:Expense Report Template-Employee:

The report allows you to enter information in certain fields:

  • You can type your name, the business purpose of the expenses, phone extension, and the from and to dates of your expenses.
  • You can enter dates of your expense(s) using the format indicated – “mm/dd/yyyy”.
  • You can enter dollar amounts in the fields located below the date format – “mm/dd/yyyy”.
  • You can also type in a new expense name in the blank fields located under the Categories:  Travel, Lodging, Meals, and Other Expenses.
  • The report is formatted to automatically sum the dollar amounts that are entered.

PAGE 2 of the Expense Report:

As stated in the Iconix T&E policy, descriptions are required for business meetings, business-related Entertainment, and mostly everything that is listed under Other Expenses.

Please use Page 2 to enter this information under the designated areas for these categories.

Please note: Once you have completed filling out your expenses and affixed original receipts, please sign the hard copy of the expense report. A typed signature will not be accepted.