Iconix Brand Group, Inc. Expense Report (for International Consultants)

Expense Report Template-Consultant (International)

How-To Fill out Expense Report Template:


Enter all expense items on page 2 of the Expense Report template under their respective categories.

As each of the 3 categories of charges are being listed by the employee on Page 2 in USD, there is an automatic tallying of the USD amounts of each of the 3 categories of charges on Page 1 of the expense report.

The USD Grand Total of each of the 3 categories of charges on Page 2 will equal the Total of each of the 3 categories of charges on Page 1 – in their individual respective areas (see the blue-shaded areas).

  1. Also, on Page 2, you have the option of entering an exchange rate (XR) or currency type (i.e. pounds, euros) used for each transaction. If the transaction appears on your credit card statement in USD, you need not list the XR.  However, list:  the currency type, the Foreign Currency Amount (FC) and the USD amount.
  2.  If the transaction was in cash, please list the exchange rate (XR) used by you to convert the Foreign Currency Amount to US Dollars (USD).

Please note: Once you have completed filling out your expenses and affixed original receipts, please sign the hard copy of the expense report. A typed signature will not be accepted.