Notice for Engaging Contract/Temp/Freelancers

Iconix NY Team:

Before any temporary/freelancer/contractor, etc. can be engaged, please submit the Temp Help Freelance Request Form to Irene Scanlon for approval.   Please submit at least 1 week prior to the anticipated start date.  Human Resources, Finance and Legal will evaluate the need and cost.   If acceptable, the Request will be approved and returned to the requestor.  This new process is as a result of an audit by the NY Department of Labor. 

For arrangements with an LLC, a Consulting Contract must be drawn.  Below is the consulting agreement template that must be filled in by a business/marketing/creative manager. This must be completed and include the name of the brand the consultant is assigned to and sent to Legal for final review.  Once reviewed by Legal, the following agreement can be sent to the consultant for their signature.

After the manager has received the consultant’s signed agreement, please return back to HR for final approval.

If the case involves an individual, who is not an LLC, they will be placed on our Insperity payroll system and timesheets may be required.    

Payment will not be made to anyone who begins work prior to approval. 

Independent Contractor/Freelance/Temp Form

Consulting Agreement Template


If you have any questions, please advise HR on the following.

Human Resources