Iconix NY: Office Clean Up Day

It’s that Time of Year Again!

Iconix NY Team,

Friday, January 26th will be our annual Office Cleanup day!


For your convenience, clearly marked bins will be provided on both floors as follows:


  • Green bins for unwanted office supplies
  • Green bins for unwanted electronics
  • Clear bins with cleaning supplies
  • Trash receptacles for regular garbage
  • Paper receptacles for confidential shredding
  • Bins for unwanted product

Please dress in jeans and come prepared to clean up your workspace, the surrounding area and to address any of your product in the aisles or general areas!


I will also pull outdated sample product from offsite storage to be reviewed.


Product being sent/returned to offsite storage should be clearly marked on multiple sides of bin/box in big, bold lettering. The storage request form should be completed in full with brand, season, year, name and contact. The mailroom should be contacted to retrieve outgoing storage and donated product.


Be advised that the refrigerators in all pantries will also be purged and cleaned.


Please remove anything and everything you would like to keep. The night staff will not be responsible for anything discarded.


Pizza lunch will be provided and there will be a sample product giveaway at the end of the day.


Please note that any cleaning you plan to do is subject to the document hold notices previously circulated by the legal department. To that end, there should be no destruction or other disposal of any documents covered by document hold notices.



Maxine Erskine