Performance Feedback & Career Management Workshop

Dear Iconix NY Team:

Thank you all for participating in the Performance Feedback Training sessions. Listed below is the presentation and workshop materials to read through and review for reference:

Performance Feedback Training Deck

Performance Feedback Tool

Personal Goals Document

Career Management Worksheet

As discussed in the workshop and recent town hall, the following documents should be completed by both you (receiving feedback) and your Manager (providing feedback).

The Feedback and Action Planning Tool is meant to spark meaningful conversation that points to specific examples. You will also find the Goals document and may begin by drafting your objectives, working with your Manager to finalize SMART goals for 2018.

Please also be sure to collaborate with your Manager to update your job description to include current responsibilities along with expected deliverables, competencies and behaviors.

Listed below is the template for the job description and guidelines on how to create one:

Job Description Template

Guidelines for Writing a Job Description

Please note the deadline for the 2018 Performance Feedback tool worksheet must be returned to Irene by April 30th.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Human Resources