Contacting IT

Requests for support should be sent to helpdesk using the information below.

Request projects and new service requests and evaluations should be sent to IT Services

Escalations should be sent to Srinivas Arella


  • Iconixguest WiFi is available in Manchester, London, and NY. The password will change periodically in line with the current industry practices.  The current password to access this WiFi network is ‘Partnership19!’.  IconixGuest network is for use with your cell phones and visiting guest devices. It will not have access to file shares, printers or other resources on the corporate network.
  • Iconixwifi network is available in Manchester, London, and NY for use with the work laptops. Access to file shares, printers, and all other corporate resources will be available on this network.  Use your Iconix username ( e.x., use jsmith and not iconix\jsmith or and your password to connect to this network.

A few notes regarding WiFi usage

  1. Connecting to the network using a cable is the reliable and primary method for access.  WiFi should only be used when in a meeting room or at a colleague’s desk.
  2. Accessing file shares and printing over WiFi is not recommended as the signal strength can fluctuate due to external factors.
  3. Guest and personal device access is limited to Iconixguest network.  They should not be connected to Iconixwifi without prior approval from the IT.

Conference room booking

To book conference rooms in London and New York office, browse to  Login using your email address and password and navigate to ‘Employee Tools’ –> ‘Find a room’ to begin the booking process