Iconix 2019 Performance Planning & Evaluation

Global Iconix Team ,

Now that we have all completed our Accomplishments for 2018 and met with our manager, it is time to Set our Goals for 2019.  Below please find the link to the updated 2019 Performance Review Form for your completion and two handy guides to Setting and Achieving your Goals.

Also, our Linkedin Learning offers courses such as How to Use Smart Goals, Successful Goal Setting, Clarifying Goals and Objectives.  These are all great tools to help you create strategic goals that will benefit you and the Company.

Also, this year there is a new section that allows you to provide examples of your behavior in the areas of Teamwork, Communication and Continuous Improvement.  These attributes are an integral part of our Company Culture.

We will send a reminder mid-year for you to discuss the status of your accomplishments, revisiting goals and gaining feedback from your Manager.  This may be a discussion or in writing.

Please set up time to meet with your manager and complete your 2019 Goals by Thursday, February 28th.  

 The International Team should submit goals to HRinternational@iconixbrand.com and U.S. Team should submit to Courtney Doro.  

Human Resources