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How to Request Time Off – TimeStar

Dear Iconix NY Team,

 Below please find Insperity TimeStar InstructionsThis outlines how to request time off, view accrued PTO, and supervisor instructions on responding to requests. The system also allows teams to view their colleagues’ scheduled time off.

 Please be sure when taking days off to utilize the Insperity Timestar system. The following instructions will be located on our intranet.

Insperity TimeStar Instructions

 Thank you.

Human Resources

Iconix Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews

Sure, performance reviews are a time to get feedback on your work throughout the year but sometimes we forget that it’s also a time to share your own goals (and even suggestions!) for the future with your boss. This is your time to shine!

Every performance review is an opportunity to forge ahead in your career. A review with a section for self-evaluation and employee-directed goals gives you the opportunity to design your future. If you’re only getting a review annually, this could be your best chance to push for career advancement all year!

Below are some helpful LinkedIn Learning courses as well as some helpful tips and guidelines:

Performance Review Foundations

Give yourself an honest performance review

A Smart Guide to Self Evaluating

A Guide to Objective Setting 2018

Key Tips for Effective Employee Performance Reviews




Notice for Engaging Contract/Temp/Freelancers

Iconix NY Team:

Before any temporary/freelancer/contractor, etc. can be engaged, please submit the Temp Help Freelance Request Form to Irene Scanlon for approval.   Please submit at least 1 week prior to the anticipated start date.  Human Resources, Finance and Legal will evaluate the need and cost.   If acceptable, the Request will be approved and returned to the requestor.  This new process is as a result of an audit by the NY Department of Labor. 

For arrangements with an LLC, a Consulting Contract must be drawn.  Below is the consulting agreement template that must be filled in by a business/marketing/creative manager. This must be completed and include the name of the brand the consultant is assigned to and sent to Legal for final review.  Once reviewed by Legal, the following agreement can be sent to the consultant for their signature.

After the manager has received the consultant’s signed agreement, please return back to HR for final approval.

If the case involves an individual, who is not an LLC, they will be placed on our Insperity payroll system and timesheets may be required.    

Payment will not be made to anyone who begins work prior to approval. 

Independent Contractor/Freelance/Temp Form

Consulting Agreement Template


If you have any questions, please advise HR on the following.

Human Resources



Company Culture isn’t what you do, it’s how you do it


I have an issue with “company culture” discussions.

The popular definition of “company culture” is how many ping-pong tables you have, how many beer garden outings you take as a team, how comfortable the chairs are in the entryway, whether you get 10 days of paid vacation time or 15 days of paid vacation time, how good your 401k plan is, how many weird fun facts you know about your employees, etc. etc. etc.

A perfect example of this is the tech start-up world

“Company culture,” as it is formally defined, is immediately followed up with descriptions of the office, how much time you get off for lunch, the fact that you can write on the walls in Crayola marker because it’s “more creative.” And to a lot of people, these environments seem like dreams.

They are the David of the working world, slinging rocks at corporate Goliath.

But I’ll say for me, the above has nothing to do with how I define company culture.

For me, company culture comes down to one thing and one thing only:

How you treat what it is you’re doing for eight plus hours a day, five (sometimes six or seven) days a week.

If I don’t feel good about how the work gets done, if I’m not enjoying the process with my team, then no amount of rock climbing expeditions or expensed dinners or Friday margaritas are going to change that.

Sure, they might give me a fleeting sense of “fun,” but that does very little to impact the way the work (the thing we spend far more time doing) gets done.

Company culture has to do with the people, not the things you have your people doing — or the amenities you provide your people to leisure themselves.

Having said that, let me tell you my definition of company culture:

  • Culture is how people handle a disagreement.
  • Culture is how teams communicate, the language they use, the way they share their ideas and feedback.
  • Culture is whether or not people talk badly about others behind their backs.
  • Culture is the meticulousness that goes into even the most mind numbing of tasks.
  • Culture is whether your title defines your role, or your role defines your title.
  • Culture is everyone’s willingness to listen.
  • Culture is showing up on time, prepared, with a positive attitude.
  • Culture is the way you approach your work, day in and day out, with an insatiable hunger to learn and grow and build.

That’s company culture, and that’s what’s actually fun.

Getting stuff done, is fun.

Getting it done really well, is fun.

Getting it done with people you enjoy being around, is fun.

And feeling really good about your work, is fun.

Everything else is secondary.

Article sourced from: (

WageWorks Commuter Benefits Increase 2019

Iconix NY Team:

In 2019, the IRS-mandated limit for pre-tax contributions to commuter benefits accounts are:

  • $265 per month for transit expenses.
  • $265  per month for parking expenses.

Keep in mind, the pre-tax contribution limit applies to the combined total of both employer and employee contributions. Contributions over $265/ month for transit or $265/ month for parking are loaded onto the card as post-tax contributions.

  • Post-tax deductions for contributions over the limits are listed on paychecks.
  • Both post- and pre-tax funds can be used for a single transaction.




Iconix 2019 Performance Planning & Evaluation

Global Iconix Team ,

Now that we have all completed our Accomplishments for 2018 and met with our manager, it is time to Set our Goals for 2019.  Below please find the link to the updated 2019 Performance Review Form for your completion and two handy guides to Setting and Achieving your Goals.

Also, our Linkedin Learning offers courses such as How to Use Smart Goals, Successful Goal Setting, Clarifying Goals and Objectives.  These are all great tools to help you create strategic goals that will benefit you and the Company.

Also, this year there is a new section that allows you to provide examples of your behavior in the areas of Teamwork, Communication and Continuous Improvement.  These attributes are an integral part of our Company Culture.

We will send a reminder mid-year for you to discuss the status of your accomplishments, revisiting goals and gaining feedback from your Manager.  This may be a discussion or in writing.

Please set up time to meet with your manager and complete your 2019 Goals by Thursday, February 28th.  

 The International Team should submit goals to and U.S. Team should submit to Courtney Doro.  

Human Resources