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Remote Access Troubleshooting Reference Guide

If you are ever working away from your local office use this handy guide for common solutions to issues that may arise.

You can always access email on the web at:

Helpdesk support is available 24 hours by email,, or phone, +1 (212) 597-4798 or +44 (20) 3855-0933.

Issues will be routed to the correct support team and escalated as needed.

Mailing Lists

There are several mailing lists available to you for contacting groups within the company.  Below is a diagram explaining how our major distribution groups function.  “Employee” groups do not include consultants, temps and interns, and are primarily for region specific HR Communications (i.e. Benefits).  Additional international groups are under review.

Iconix “All” Groups are primarily broken down by site locations and divisions and are best used to communicate with an office.

Iconix All – Employees Global does not include any consultants, temps, or interns

Groups highlighted with an * requires elevated permission from IT

The Iconix Intranet is One Year Old!

Exactly one year ago on December 19, 2016, Iconix Brand Group launched their own intranet with the inaugural post of a slide show of pictures from our 2016 Holiday Party.


Over the past year, we have published over 110 posts that featured important Human Resources and Finance information, Marketing news, Town Hall recaps, Videos and Presentations from key speakers and articles and slideshows of our many Employee Activities.


In May we announced the winner of our Naming Contest; and we now refer to the intranet as The Loop!


The Loop has become a repository for important forms, calendar of events and reporting resources such as the Licensee Optimization Report.


With over 20 thousand unique page views, The Loop is a go-to resource for all things Iconix.


Look for even more content and improvements in 2018!


Thank you to the Intranet Publishers and Team for keeping us all “in The Loop”.


Take a look back at our first year memories!



Corporate File Share Locations

List of file shares available at each of our office locations –

File Shares – US

File Shares – Manchester

File Shares – London


Types of file shares you have access to

Department/Group file shares – Each department or group is assigned a file share that is shared among all team members

Personal drives (U: drive on PCs) – Each employee is also assigned a personal file share to store their working files


Storage Guidelines

  • Only Iconix related data and files should be stored on the file shares.  Iconix IT assumes no responsibility for the loss, protection or privacy of your personal data
  • In accordance with Iconix IT policy, all files and assets related to business operations should be stored on file shares.  This includes financial reports, data analysis, contracts, and marketing presentations.
  • File shares are secured from unauthorized access and corruption, regularly backed up, and IT can recover them if they are accidentally removed or corrupted.  Saving them on your desktop is not
  • Storage for file shares is limited and expensive.  We encourage periodic review and clean-up of files
  • Any files not accessed or used for three years or more will be automatically archived


We made non-confidential file shares accessible on FileCloud.

With FileCloud, you can

  • Access the file shares online from anywhere you need to, including mobile devices and tablets
  • Selectively share files with anyone using their email address

For a full list of features and information on FileCloud, please visit this page

Lobby Kiosk Deployed

We have installed kiosks in the lobbies on the 3rd and 4th floors which will be in use as of Monday, September 25th.   These kiosks will be used by visitors to gain entry to the Iconix offices when no one is seated at the receptionist’s desk at the 3rd floor entrance.

This is how it will work:

  • A sign has been posted on the door instructing visitors to use the kiosk
  • Instructions
    • Visitors will search for the name of their host using the touch screen
    • Once found, they’ll “tap” the name of their host, and enter their own name
    • At that time Employees can expect:
      1. A call will be placed to your desk phone from the (234) area code with the visitor’s name.  A message will be left in the case of no answer.
      2. A message will be sent to your Iconix email from “MyGreetly” with the visitor’s information
      3. A message on the kiosk will instruct the visitor that their party has been notified and to wait
      4. You or a designee will greet the guest at the lobby entrance

Please be mindful if you are expecting a visitor or delivery.  Call Forwarding to your cell phone when you step away from your desk will keep you in touch.

The 3rd floor doors will be locked at all times starting, please remember to carry your security card with you to gain entry.  To exit you will need to use the button on the left of the door. 

If you do not have an access card – email

Skype for Business Training Sessions


Skype for Business is the authorized and supported application for messaging, meetings, and screen sharing from Office 365 which is installed on all Iconix devices.

Oscar Martinez will be hosting Skype for Business Tutorials in Showroom 4C on June 15th and Showroom 4AV on June 20th.  He will demonstrate screen sharing, meeting scheduling and conference call collaboration.

RSVP to: