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Iconix Authorization Matrix


Media Plans, Advertising Concepts, Production, Talent Contracts*

Up to $10K

  • Approved by: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Designee


  • Approved by: CMO

$100K or Greater

  • Approved by: CMO and CFO or CEO

*Assumes all are budgeted for

Media Plans, Advertising Concepts Production, Talent Contracts*

Up to $10K

Approved by: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Designee


Approved by: CMO

$100K or Greater

Approved by: CMO and CFO or CEO

*Assumes all are budgeted for


  • All consultants must be approved prior to the consultant starting any work.
  •  “Consultant Approval Form” will be used for this purpose
  • Iconix was recently fined by the State of New York approximately $75,000 for not complying with consultant tax regulations
  • Extensions of consulting agreements must go through same process


Less than $500 – Domestic

  • Requestor – Various
  • Approver – Head of Department or designee

$500 – $25,000 – Domestic

  • Approver – Head of Department

$25,000 or Greater – Domestic

  • Approver – Head of Department & CFO

Less than $10,000 – International

  • Approver – Lee Cooper Managing Director
  • Approver – Umbro Managing Director
  • Approver – Iconix China and Shanghai Managing Director

$10,000 or Greater – International

  • Approver – President of International



Less than $10,000

  • Domestic Check Signer: VP-Financial Planning & Analysis


  • Domestic Check Signer: CFO; SVP-Finance; or General Counsel (1 signature)

$25,000 or Greater (except “out-of-the ordinary” expenses greater than $250,000)

  • Domestic Check Signers: CFO/SVP-Finance/General Counsel (2 signatures)

Expenses “out-of-the ordinary” Greater than $250,000

  • Domestic Check Signers: CEO and Executive Chairman; and either CFO/SVP-Finance/ or General Counsel (2 signatures)

Note 1: Ordinary = debt service, rent, payroll, intercompany, etc.

International – Iconix China Ltd (“ICL”) and Iconix Shanghai (“Shanghai”)

[Other international locations do not use checks]

Less than $10,000

  • ICL and Shanghai Check Signer: Managing Director – ICL

$10,001 – $24,999

  • ICL Check Signers: Managing Director – ICL, and President – International or CFO
  • Shanghai Check Signer: Managing Director – ICL

$25,000 or Greater (except “out-of-the ordinary” expenses greater than $250,000)

  • ICL Check Signers: Managing Director – ICL, and President – International or CFO
  • Shanghai Check Signer: Managing Director – ICL

Expenses “out-of-the ordinary” Greater than $250,000

  • ICL Check Signers: CEO and Executive Chairman, and Managing Director – ICL, and President – International or CFO
  • Shanghai Check Signer: Managing Director – ICL

Starter Partners with the Alliance of American Football

The Alliance of American Football announced its partnership with Starter as the official on-field apparel, game day uniform and fan merchandise supplier for the newly formed professional spring-season football league.

 A press release was distributed on PR Newswire and pitched wide by the AAF team, generating more than 100M impressions across sports, business and lifestyle sites including CBS Sports, ABC News, The Washington Post, Business Insider and a wide variety of local news outlets across the country, particularly in the markets where the league will take place.

The Iconix website has posted the press release for visitors and investors to see on the news page:

 Starter and the AAF both featured the news on social media, generating high engagement and positive excitement for the new league and partnership.

Performance Feedback & Career Management Workshop

Dear Iconix NY Team:

Thank you all for participating in the Performance Feedback Training sessions. Listed below is the presentation and workshop materials to read through and review for reference:

Performance Feedback Training Deck

Performance Feedback Tool

Personal Goals Document

Career Management Worksheet

As discussed in the workshop and recent town hall, the following documents should be completed by both you (receiving feedback) and your Manager (providing feedback).

The Feedback and Action Planning Tool is meant to spark meaningful conversation that points to specific examples. You will also find the Goals document and may begin by drafting your objectives, working with your Manager to finalize SMART goals for 2018.

Please also be sure to collaborate with your Manager to update your job description to include current responsibilities along with expected deliverables, competencies and behaviors.

Listed below is the template for the job description and guidelines on how to create one:

Job Description Template

Guidelines for Writing a Job Description

Please note the deadline for the 2018 Performance Feedback tool worksheet must be returned to Irene by April 30th.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Human Resources





Iconix T&E Policy Summary

Dear Iconix Team Members,

This document is only a summary of certain commonly incurred T&E expenses. For the entire document, please navigate to the HR Department section on the intranet and click on “Policies.”  Only the CFO may approve exceptions to the policies.


Relevant Policy Information

Preferred Travel Provider

 Tzell Travel Group

Rick Lozano (212) 944-2121 ext. 2243

After hours: (800) 639-7934

Membership code: X840

Protravel International Inc Travel

Consultant: Janice Boyd

Direct Phone 212-409-9565

800-227-1059 x9565

Skylux Travel

General line: (855) 507-9770

Trips may be booked using the internet and the employee’s personal credit card; however, the Tzell or Skylux. Price quote must be attached to the T&E report

  •  Domestic: All employees – Coach class
  • International: Flights > 6 hours – Business class
  • Overnight flights and employee in office next day – Business class; otherwise, Coach class
  • Select flight based on cost; not frequent flyer program.
  • Purchasing flights at the last minute can be expensive!
  • Domestic flights >$750 and International flights >$2,500 require advance approval of the CFO or his designee
  • Maximum rate including fees/taxes for all employees –
  • $300 (+ 25% for major cities)
  • A “Marriott” or equivalent business hotel should be considered the best option/standard
  • Preferred hotels in New York City – special rates are available at these hotels near Iconix using the links below:

Hilton Times Square, 234 West 42nd Street

The Knickerbocker, 6 Times Square ccessCode=N1LO

LUMA Hotel Times Square, 120 West 41st Street

Car Service/ Rental Cars
  • Hertz discount code: CD1789075
  • Budget discount code: CD5218015
  • Do not purchase any insurance (covered by Corporate policies)
  • It is preferable to use taxis, Uber, or Lyft for transportation to/from airports, and other venues.
Business Meals
  • Daily maximum out-of-town meal allowance is $100 (US and other); and, $150 (Europe)
  • All attendee names (Iconix/others) must be documented with the business purpose
  • Alcohol (moderate cost/consumption) is a reimbursable expense for entertaining clients, but not for employee only dinners or as part of an out-of-town meal allowance
  • For in-house catering, Events & Everyday should be used (212) 693-8368

Use common sense and prudent judgment when incurring T&E expenses. If in doubt refer to the T&E Policy, or ask your supervisor/manager. Remember – these expenses impact Iconix’s profitability.

Please see link below for the PDF file:

T&E Policy 2018 Summary

Iconix Brazil | Recent Marketing News

The first two months of 2018 came in with a few interesting news to share from Brazil. In the link below our Iconix Brazil Team placed a summary of the recent marketing and commercial activities for Ocean Pacific, Starter Black Label and Ecko Unltd.