The Learning Hub


The first step in deciding what development to undertake is to be clear about what you want to develop.  Talk to your line manager about your career aspirations, discuss your development areas and consider the options available to support you, such as:

Additional responsibility

Most people learn best by doing.  Having the opportunity to experience new things, broaden your know-how and approach.


Project working

Working with different people and teams can broaden knowledge of the business and experience of working with others.


360 degree feedback

A way of identifying your management and leadership development needs by looking at the impact of your behaviour and decision making on others. A questionnaire based on our core competencies that gathers feedback from the people you work with.  It gives you a more rounded view of your skills, performance and working relationships to plan your personal development .


Coaching and mentoring

A one-to-one method which offers reflection and discussion in confidence with a coach. Coaching is appropriate for managers who want to improve what they already do, focusing on specific skills and goals to unblock potential.


Secondments and planned career moves

Taking another role to broaden experience with the aim to move to another role or return to an existing role with new experience.



Spending time with a colleague from a different part of the business or location.  Sharing ideas; learning different aspects of your role and new ways of doing things.


Formal learning interventions

Attending a training course.