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Phone: (212) 597-4798

Remote Access Troubleshooting Guide

Download this handy guide for tips on troubleshooting common issues when working away from the office.

Some of our Office 365 services

 Web mail service
 Communication portal and Team collaboration used for


We ask that you do not use consumer versions of services like DropBox, WeTransfer and Box to protect our digital assets and intellectual property.   We request that you use our corporate file-sharing services listed below.  If you have a special request, please contact our Helpdesk.

OneDrive is your personal storage in Office 365.  Quickly save files from all Office 365 services and share files that cannot be easily.  You can also use OneDrive to send files larger than 10MB by quickly creating a link from OneDrive.
Want to change your personal code to the printers?  Here is the link!

Password Management

Password Management – Download the document here.