Mimecast Spam Filter: Email Release

As part of our efforts to keep your email safe and uncluttered from spam, malware and phishing we have been using a spam filter, provided by Mimecast.  This service provides a report every 4 hours of any emails that have been held for manual review.

It is the employee’s responsibility to read this email to confirm no “false positives” have been included.  A false positive is a legitimate message mistakenly marked as UBE –unsolicited bulk email, as junk email is more formally known.  Messages that are determined to be spam — whether correctly or incorrectly — may be rejected by a server or client-side spam filter and returned to the sender as bounced email.

If you are expecting an email and it has not been delivered log in to the website and check the emails that are in the hold queue to release the email immediately.

Website: https://login.mimecast.com


Enter your email address at the log in screen, then select “Next

Enter your password with “Domain” selected, then select “Log In

Your Inbox will be displayed by default

Select the ellipsis on the bottom left of the navigation pane


Select Personal On Hold

To locate the held email, scroll or use Filter by email address or subject

Highlight an email, to see a preview in the right panel, check box to select multiple emails

Select the arrow next to “Thumbs Up” to Release an email or Select “Thumbs Down” to Reject or Block

Release Message Releases selected email only to your Inbox, once
Release Message and Permit Sender Releases selected email and future emails from single email address
Release Message and Permit Domain Releases selected email and future emails from all email addresses with the same domain


Select “Blocked” on the left navigation pane to view and add blocked senders

Select “Add Blocked” on the right to add an unwanted email address or domain

Enter the email address (this is recommended) or domain and select “Block

*** Do not add generic domain names like gmail.com, yahoo.com, Hotmail.com ***

Select “Permitted” on the left navigation pane to view and add allowed senders

Select “Auto Permitted” on the left navigation pane to review allowed recipients and change to blocked or remove from list

If you need to have an email address or domain whitelisted for the entire company, contact helpdesk@iconixbrand.com


Iconix Global Helpdesk

US: +1 212 597 4798

INTL: +44 20 3855 0933