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Lobby Kiosk Deployed

We have installed kiosks in the lobbies on the 3rd and 4th floors which will be in use as of Monday, September 25th.   These kiosks will be used by visitors to gain entry to the Iconix offices when no one is seated at the receptionist’s desk at the 3rd floor entrance.

This is how it will work:

  • A sign has been posted on the door instructing visitors to use the kiosk
  • Instructions
    • Visitors will search for the name of their host using the touch screen
    • Once found, they’ll “tap” the name of their host, and enter their own name
    • At that time Employees can expect:
      1. A call will be placed to your desk phone from the (234) area code with the visitor’s name.  A message will be left in the case of no answer.
      2. A message will be sent to your Iconix email from “MyGreetly” with the visitor’s information
      3. A message on the kiosk will instruct the visitor that their party has been notified and to wait
      4. You or a designee will greet the guest at the lobby entrance

Please be mindful if you are expecting a visitor or delivery.  Call Forwarding to your cell phone when you step away from your desk will keep you in touch.

The 3rd floor doors will be locked at all times starting, please remember to carry your security card with you to gain entry.  To exit you will need to use the button on the left of the door. 

If you do not have an access card – email helpdesk@iconixbrand.com