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Corporate File Share Locations

List of file shares available at each of our office locations –

File Shares – US

File Shares – Manchester

File Shares – London


Types of file shares you have access to

Department/Group file shares – Each department or group is assigned a file share that is shared among all team members

Personal drives (U: drive on PCs) – Each employee is also assigned a personal file share to store their working files


Storage Guidelines

  • Only Iconix related data and files should be stored on the file shares.  Iconix IT assumes no responsibility for the loss, protection or privacy of your personal data
  • In accordance with Iconix IT policy, all files and assets related to business operations should be stored on file shares.  This includes financial reports, data analysis, contracts, and marketing presentations.
  • File shares are secured from unauthorized access and corruption, regularly backed up, and IT can recover them if they are accidentally removed or corrupted.  Saving them on your desktop is not
  • Storage for file shares is limited and expensive.  We encourage periodic review and clean-up of files
  • Any files not accessed or used for three years or more will be automatically archived


We made non-confidential file shares accessible on FileCloud.

With FileCloud, you can

  • Access the file shares online from anywhere you need to, including mobile devices and tablets
  • Selectively share files with anyone using their email address

For a full list of features and information on FileCloud, please visit this page